A Cup Of Coffee With Dr. Ar. Javier Gomez Pioz

Hola everyone! We welcome you to Arch Valor’s next series of Tete-a-Tete Talks and we have with us Dr. Javier Pioz, Founder of “PIOZ ARCHITECTS” (Bionic Architecture). In 2008 he won The Golden Global Avant Asia-Pacific Prize (Singapore), which is considered the Pritzker Prize of Architecture in Asia, for his work in architecture as well as his research into biological structures of nature and recently he has been awarded the “Award Of Architecture 2021” by prestigious The Gentleman Magazine.

Sustainability: A Solution to Contemporary Problems

Every era depicts its own style of architecture - affecting people’s lifestyle as well as the culture of that place. Traditional architecture was the result of a concentration of people in a location as the population was unevenly distributed and was concentrated more in areas where water was available. Today, technology has simplified construction techniques and material technology - giving us the flexibility to design. But sometimes, there is an urge to follow our culture and we start imitatin

Celebrating Women in Power

Architecture is a field of creative excellence, envisioning a sustainable environment but in most of the country’s construction, architecture, engineering and artistic fields are still dominated by males. Instead of being valued for the quality of work produced, women tend to face gender discrimination and racism globally. Often it is seen, that women are discouraged to take up the practical roles depending upon various types of societal diminutions imposed upon her. A report by Council of Arch

Interacts with Mr. Jit Kumar Gupta & Ms. Apurva Bose Dutta to Talk about Books

After a brief introduction, moderator Dipika Tuteja, Founder In AWE, invited the first panelist, Mr. Jit Kumar Gupta, Founder Director, COA Bhaddal, to share his concept behind the compilation of his first e-book “Making and Unmaking Of Chandigarh- A city Of Two Plans”. Mr. Gupta talked about the historical perspective of how two plans went behind the final thought of Chandigarh planning by Albert Mayer and finally by Le Corbusier. The city was supposed to be a role model for the upcoming citie

Watch Architects in New Territories

In AWE Interacts, this week on Tuesday, 19th January, 2021, had guest speakers Tanya Khanna, Founder Epistle Communications, Anish Rakheja, Founder Krescon Group, Deepika Gandhi, Director, Le Corbusier Centre, Chandigarh Architecture Museum, and Jessy Jacob, Founder Fit The Soul. Debate was on exploring new opportunities, helping young architects, take that one step of bravery towards their zeal, even if their education background does not align with their profession. The moderator for the disc

Conversation with Prof. Charanjit Singh Shah-The King of Airport Design By Ar. Kritika Juneja

Kritika Juneja: -Initially airports were merely considered as transit points but your firm has bought an architectural reformation in the design of airports by combining the essence of culture and belongingness of the place. One such example is Varanasi Airport where the Banarasi saree pattern, moss walls, boat shaped sculptures present a uniquely crafted look of Varanasi to a visitor. How do you drive on the concept of any airport while maintaining its identity? Prof. Charanjit Singh Shah: –

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